We lift the burden of moving during a critical time to give you the freedom to be with loved ones.​​ Let us take care of the logistical tasks of moving. As Senior Move Managers, we serve our clients as both personal advocates and skilled project managers. 

Typical services may include family caregiver support during a loved one's hospital stay, sorting and moving items to a new residence, and meticulously setting up a new space to feel like home. We manage downsizing your old home, from coordinating estate sales or auction, house cleaning, repairs, storage, donations, and real estate services. 

We provide free people-to-people referral options for a variety of professional and social elder care resources. Our commitment to serve is consistent, regardless of whether a potential client uses our relocation services or not. If we are unable to help a client, we will refer them someone who can.

Whether it's a planned move to assisted living, a sudden change in medical needs, or adult children seeking knowledgeable help with elderly parents, we look forward to working with you to minimize the stress of home transition.

Don't waste valuable time coordinating movers, disposal, unpacking, sales, or sorting through a lifetime's worth of possessions.

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Golden Transitions LLC is an insured and bonded company

  • ​​Due to work schedules, distance, or other family obligations, family members may be unavailable

          to manage the logistics of moving.

  • As a result of an extended or acute illness or death that makes moving necessary, family members are understandably already depleted both emotionally and physically. 

  • After living in your home for decades, the tasks of downsizing are physically and emotionally overwhelming

        Golden Transitions provides responsive, compassionate help for older adults and their families so that they can          focus on spending available time with loved ones.

​​​​Phone: 469-424-0184   Email: info@agoldentransition.com

Senior Relocation & Downsizing in McKinney - Help for Older Adults and Their Families 

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We are caregivers at heart.  Helping others is not just what we do, it’s who we are. 

We are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), with professional training specific to the concerns of older adults and their families. For details about our credentials and training, click here.


As contributors to the support network for older adults in our community, we strive to honor each client’s autonomy, personhood, and values throughout the transition process by actively listening, respecting our clients’ choices, and following through according to our clients’ expressed needs. 

​​​Welcome to Golden Transitions,  an independent, locally owned Senior Move Management service based in McKinney, TX. ​



  • Family Caregiver Support during a Loved One's Hospital Stay
  • Space Planning & Packing Items for New Home
  • Professional Mover  Supervision
  • Set Up New Residence for Comfort, Efficiency & Safety
  • Coordinate Estate Sale/Auction/Consignment
  • Home Cleaning & Repairs, Storage, Junk Removal, Charity
  • Coordinate Real Estate Agent Services

Senior Relocations & Downsizing in McKinney and North Dallas Communities

Golden Transitions LLC is an insured and bonded company

We are real life caregivers, helping older adults to downsize with an emphasis on family caregiver support. Our professional, detailed service approach includes:

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​​Serving the North Dallas, Texas area